It’s Like I Waited My Whole Life.

It’s Like I Waited My Whole Life.

You Are What I Couldn’t Find.

The day started early for the bride squad and Emily -as they arrived at the scene at 7:25 am! Of course, there was plenty of water and Gatorade waiting for them as their beauty routines began. The ladies needed to stay hydrated for the day ahead and for all the dancing taking place -and Boy! They danced their feet off!

Emily was ready at 12:00 pm and headed to the ceremony -which took place at the Brick barn. It is always cute to learn that the groom does not see the bride until the ceremony. For all the people claiming romance is dead, Emily and Cody sure proved them wrong. The look in Cody’s eyes as they caught the first glimpse of his bride was invaluable.

When Cody and Emily officially became Mr. and Mrs., they headed back to the reception.

A “Grupo Norteño,” which literally translates into “Northern musical group,” was already there, cheering the guests and setting the mood for an unforgettable afternoon. A photo booth was also installed on the patio, and so the fun continued!

    Not only we got to witness such powerful emotions, we actually got a high five from one of the youngest guests a beautiful little girl. How cannot we love what we do?


    The Wedding of Cody & Emily

    How can one describe a wedding by calling it “cool” without diminishing its relevance? In all truthfulness, Cody and Emily’s wedding cannot be labeled any other way. The whole day reverberated of good vibes, chillness, but above all, warmth. I’m reminiscing a super sunny day, a sense of familiarity and an honest love between all the attendees you could actually feel. The love the guests have for the newlyweds was palpable, and the look in Emily’s eyes told them all she’d waited her whole life to experience this day.

    Yes, there were stunning flower arrangements at the pool, and Emily looked like royalty in her laced dress. The couple looked ravishing as they cut their cake under a luxurious chandelier. But despite all, like in the movie, loved ruled that day.

    Ahhh the Music

    • Emily and Cody decided to make an entrance with style; both groom and bride wore sunglasses, and they marched upon while “Dreams” by The Cranberries (Dolores, you are missed! RIP). If there’s an upbeat song to celebrate the commencement of the rest of your life, this is it.
    • Then, for their first dance as a married duo, Emily and Cody requested “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys. Three facts we want to highlight about this iconic song. First, did you know when the Beach Boys released the song, it was considered taboo to have the word “god” in song lyrics? (It was in 1966, if you were wondering). Even so, it was an immediate hit.
    • The second fun fact is that the song has been used in pop culture often. I am sure you all remember the unforgettable scene at Heathrow Airport from the movie “Love Actually… is all Around,” in which we learn that despite what the media tells us, love is the number one ruler.
    • Finally, we thought the song was the ideal way to depict Emily and Cody’s union. This wedding reflected the true meaning of getting married! You could see people dancing, holding hands, a daddy carrying his little girl, a mother enjoying dessert while a stroller was next to her.

    We’d like to give a big ol RunMC shout out to the friend who caught the bouquet like a pro!

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    Emily and Cody, may the good vibes, happiness, and love accompany you throughout your lives together as they did on your wedding day.

    DJ Mark – Music & Energy that Moves You.

    Because You’re Mine, I Walk the Line

    Because You’re Mine, I Walk the Line

    Chris and Corrin chose the Feast and Fareway venue as the place to get married. The ceremony took place right in the Coronado Golf course – one of the city’s most precious treasures. The course’s immaculate greens, majestic views matched with the fantastic weather were the perfect combination for a day to be remembered. 6,590 yards of mesmerizing green contrasting with the San Diego harbor -breathtaking, to say the least. 

    You know how every wedding has its special something? Those little details that make it stand out from the rest? Here are some of our favorites from Chris and Corrin’s ceremony:

    • Of course, everyone pays attention when the bride’s father escorts his daughter to the aisle and this was not the exception. However, we also loved the moment Chris’s mother walked with him, and particularly the long embrace they shared at the end. They both looked happy, grateful, and blessed.

    ‘Cause I’ve Built My Life Around You

    After such a fantastic ceremony, the crowd moved to the other side of the course -into the Café area where they held the reception. Tables were set with an elegant white linen cloth, with ornaments in green and floral arrangements. The jaw-dropping views were still visible from every seating location.

    Whistling and laughter could be heard as ACDC rocked “You Shook Me All Night Long,” and Chris removed the garter from Corrin. The dance floor turned into a 1980s disco with colored lights as all of the guests danced “Take on Me.”

    The Wedding of Chris & Corrin

    If a couple frames a quote from Johnny Cash for their wedding ceremony, their chances of anything going wrong during the day are slim. All jokes aside, Chris and Corrin starred in a beautiful wedding; we were honored to be in attendance.

    Chris and Corrin’s wedding went on flawlessly. It was like a dream come true in every single detail they had planned for. It was amazing watching Corrin displaying all sorts of happiness while Chris gazed at this stunning woman thinking: this is my wife -how lucky a guy can get?!

    • “Love is not a word; it is an action.” Powerful and moving words uttered by the officiant. You could tell she was not repeating a rehearsed speech; every single word came out from a place of wisdom, advice. The guests moved from laughter to tears as the beloved couple listened to the words that marked the beginning of their marriage.
    • “Do you believe in God?” The vows. Chris and Corrin chose to write their own vows. They were simply fantastic, filled with anecdotes from their first date, the deep conversations they like to have, the naturality that has accompanied their relationship since it started.
    • The round of applause Chris gave as he looked at his beautiful bride walking towards him.
    • Finally, the view. The wedding crowd faced the mesmerizing Coronado bridge. It was like traffic, routine, busy lives, and challenges were met from the other side. However, on this side, life took a pause for Chris and Corrin to reflect on what was about to happen. There was no rush, no speeding. It was all peace. It was all love.

    Ahhh the Music

    Chris and Corrin had tons of musical requests, which we happily complied with. It is always nice when people appreciate the classics and know precisely what mood they want to set among their guests.

    Music was mellow and smooth for dinner time, such as the all-time classic “Comfortably Numb”, composed by the unrivaled dup David Gilmour and Roger Waters.

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    Tears of joy, happiness, embraces, and laughter happened during the last song. “Hey, Jude” was the hymn to which Chris and Corrin swayed as their forever adventure began.

    It was a pleasure to host and perform on their special day. 

    DJ Mark aka the RunMc – Music & Energy that Moves You! 

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