A Red Carpet Affair – A Starlit Wedding of paul and pavlina

A Red Carpet Affair – A Starlit Wedding of paul and pavlina

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A New Beggining

Paul and Pavlina picked the San Bernardo Ranch Inn as their wedding venue. With more than 40 years in the business, choosing such a beautiful place is a no-miss. The site is accustomed to hosting small, intimate gatherings but also large formal affairs. For anyone seeking an ample space outdoors, surrounded by spotless green grass, and leafy trees, the San Bernardo Ranch Inn has it all.

One thing we immediately noticed upon arriving at the scene was the amount and variety of flowers. Both the ceremony and the reception were adorned with countless flower arrangements, the display of that many colors was a treat to the eye. The same could be said about Pavlina’s bouquet; she did not go for a modest, small arrangement. It was a cascade of petals and numerous shades -it definitely gave the whole day an ethereal vibe. Fun fact: the colorful thematic did not stop there, as the food was as vibrant and vivid as the rest of the decoration. 

The officiant’s words indeed triggered a few emotional tears and sobs among the guests. He made the groom and bride promise to love each other the way they were now, as well as the person they would be bound to become -what a phrase!

Her name was Lola

After the lovely ceremony, dinner was served at 6:00 pm. Paul and Pavlina requested Ol’ Blue eyes, Mr. Frank Sinatra, to delight their guests with his repertoire. As you may know, “My Way” has been covered more than 60 times -that is, 60 different artists! Nonetheless, there was only one, the Voice, to perform it, and Paul and Pavlina went with the original. 

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It all went uphill from that moment, as the couple chose “It is not unusual” by Tom Jones for their first dance. But here’s the catch: Paul and Pavlina danced a choreography from the show Dance with the Stars. Their moves and steps would’ve made Barbara Mandrell green with envy (for the youngsters out there, replace the reference with Zac Efron and Vanessa from High School Musical). Paul got rid of his jacket, and Pavlina changed into a short dress; glamour is fantastic, but practicality had to be applied for the couple to shine at the dance floor.

The Wedding of Paul & Pavlina

Let’s be honest. Some couples were born to stardom. Such is the case of Paul and Pavlina. We are not referring only to the bride’s beauty but to other super cool details. Keep reading; we’re getting into them.

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t was 1964 when Gordon Mills and Less Reed composed the song that would send Tom Jones to international stardom faster than you can say Blueberry Pie. Paul and Pavlina picked one of the catchiest and melodic songs in History, as they made History themselves. 

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 Night With the Stars

The salon came to life when lots of candles were lit. All that dancing made family and friends hungry. Paul and Pavlina treated their guests with cake, snacks, and at 10:00 pm, they served tacos -California style!

Despite the surprises, the choreographies, the flowers, and the colors, the spotlight was always on the couple. Nothing shone more that day than the love they expressed through their laughter, their exchanged looks, and the way they embraced each other.

We were lucky to accompany the couple with the music. And we loved how the groom put it: “Music at a wedding creates the storyline.” May yours and Pavlina´s be the best love story ever written!

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