Aaron And Samantha wedding celebration at Temecula

Aaron And Samantha wedding celebration at Temecula

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It’s all about the little details…

What makes each wedding unique? It’s not always impressive fireworks or flashy features. It’s the little details that reveal glimpses of the couple’s personality. In Aaron’s and Samantha’s case, their wedding emanated intimacy, companionship, thoughtfulness. I don’t know what was the greatest of details, whether the inspiring large framed quotes through the aisle, the couple’s collection of photos displayed at the reception, or the personalized napkins at the tables. And flowers, wow! The arrangements at the sweetheart table were stunning; there were also petals and flowers around the cake table that looked beautiful. 

Temecula was the place chosen by the groom and bride to held their celebration. Monte de Oro’s -owned by the Monte De Oro family -is a wine-producing house in Temecula Valley. The place is breathtaking; a little bit of Tuscany set over sunny California. The charm of the Old World blended with the chicness of Cali. The ceremony took place outside, among the lushing spreading vineyards. 

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Life with you makes perfect sense.


While the ceremony was emotional, the crowd became alive once they hit the dance floor. One of the couple’s requests was super catchy Suavemente by Puerto Rican-American singer Elvis Crespo. No one can resist the merengue song with its sexy lyrics (“kiss me softly”) and its flavor. The song is a standard in Latin music and has crossed over into mainstream American popular culture. The melody is widely used in dance classes, events, parties, and weddings. It’s a part of pop culture. Want to hear something ludicrous? The song was even featured on the Netflix series House of Cards. Can you picture Crespo’s sensual words in the oval office over a national security debate? I definitely missed that one!

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The Wedding of Aaron and Samantha



So tired of searchin’… ‘Til you walked into my life

Aaron and Samantha are now husband and wife, one of those lucky couples who met early on in life, have seen each other grow through the peaks and valleys in life. And now, they decided to officially seal their destinies together  – DJ Mark was present to witness such a remarkable event.

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The truest of words come directly from the heart.


The ceremony was spotless, with the cutest flower girls wearing white dresses and walking towards the aisle. Samantha, looking fabulous, walked arm and arm with her father while Aaron eagerly waited for her at the arch. The notes of the all-time favorite Canon in D (Pachelbel’s Canon) matched perfectly with the scenery and fantastic panoramic views. The couple opted to write their own vows. Aaron made the attendees laugh when he described the moment he and Samantha first met; then, looking directly into each other’s eyes, they both expressed they could not imagine their lives without the other. 

One really cool thing to witness was the sand ceremony. If you are unfamiliar with it, let me explain it briefly. The unity sand ceremony is a wedding tradition where the couple has separate bottles of sand (different colors), and they are poured into a unified recipient. It symbolizes how their prior individual lives become one -indivisible from now on. In one simple act, the meaning of marriage is perfectly represented. 

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Die a happy man

After the inspiring words, the blessings, the cocktails, the dancing, and the laughter, it was time to wrap it up. Aaron and Samantha said goodbye to their guests with a great song by Thomas Rhett –Die a Happy Man. Rhett wrote the song inspired by the unique relationship with Lauren, whom he met in first grade! Do you know what’s even better? It was Lauren who asked for the song! She had always admired Tim McGraw’s “Just to See You Smile” for years and wanted something similar penned by her hubby. Her actual words were: “Write something besides whiskey, beer, or taking a girl home in a big truck.” You gotta love her!

Anyways, it was the perfect song to end such a memorable day, as Rhett said: “I just think this song shows how Lauren and I love each other, and I hope this song is an encouragement to other married couples or people that are dating.

We are more than sure that Rhett’s song fulfilled that purpose at Aaron’s and Samantha’s wedding. The happy look on the new Mr. and Mrs. provides us with all the satisfaction in the world. May your journey together be filled with blessings, love, and luck!

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Evan And Marina wedding ceremony at the Pacific

Evan And Marina wedding ceremony at the Pacific

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Is our ribbon in the sky for our love

Evan and Marina chose to get married in the privacy of a house; when I say house, I mean a stunning property overlooking the immensity of the Pacific Ocean. People often ignore the effort to coordinate a wedding, making sure everything is in place, and everyone is ready to go. Here, such haste and buzz went unnoticed, as the guests could only focus on two things: the great-looking couple in love and the jaw-dropping landscape.

The day started early for Marina, as she started to get ready in the morning. Caterers arrived, and the property transformed into a lovely wedding location, with charming details in pinkish flowers and wood.

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From now on, it will be you and I

This crowd was ready to spin and twirl as some of the guests began to dance at the cocktail hour. Evan and Marina set a single long table facing the ocean. The table was filled with lovely ornaments and personalized items.

While the guests were enjoying the dinner buffet, we did our best to please the music requests from the bride and groom. The selection included Earth Wind and Fire, Justin Bieber, and Legend Marvin Gaye with “I heard it through the grapevine.”

 Of course, you have heard the song but probably don’t know a few incredible details about it. First of all, the lyrics describe a classic situation in which a man finds out his woman is cheating on him. The first version Gaye recorded was not accepted; the second one launched in 1968 was a tremendous hit. Not only that, it stayed #1 in Motown for a record number of weeks until Lionel Ritchie, and Diana Ross’s hit stayed 9 weeks, stealing the record from Gaye. Fun fact, the song was featured in the 1980s raisins commercial, which boosted raising sales, and the California Raisins became an ’80s fad and were the most popular Halloween costume that year.

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The Wedding of Evan and Marina

Unique is a worn-out word. People use the term nonchalantly to describe special items, situations, or events. That’s why it is challenging to come up with a word to recount Evan and Marina’s wedding; because the whole event was more memorable than simply “special” and more unique than just “unique.” I shall try my best.

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Love, we can’t lose with God on our side.

At 4:00 pm, the first look was scheduled, and the wedding ceremony started at 5:30 pm. The ceremony had only a few chairs for the guests, while most stood up during the ritual. Marina walked towards Evan, looking beautiful, accompanied by the unforgettable Stevie Wonder and his Ribbon in the sky. Now, although the lyrics definitely speak about true love, people interpret them in different ways. Some fans believe Stevie was singing about finding love after a heartbreak -since the ribbon in the sky can mirror a rainbow (which comes after a storm). Others just believe the song talks about two people meant to be together -like Marina and Evan.

The officiant spoke delightfully. She said that ceremony was the cusp after a journey of space and time, reaching that place after these uncertain times we are living in. The journey stopped right there for the guests, witnessing their beloved ones getting married; for Marina and Evan, the adventure just began.

One really cool thing was when the bride and groom turned to their guests and blessed them; wanting to share the love and happiness they were feeling with their family and friends.

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This is not a coincidence.

What’s better than a lovely couple dancing at sunset? Three couples dancing at sunset! Evan’s and Marina’s parents joined them on the dance floor and embraced each other as the new family they are. It was a fantastic moment.

Evan and Marina invited family and friends to dance with Mary J. Blige and her hit “Family affair.” While the song basically talks about getting super crazy on the dance floor, Blige’s bridge -suggested by Dr. Dre -is sort of spiritual. Talks about the need to throw hate through the window and focus on love -and this crowd indeed got the message right.

I never get tired of witnessing a group of people coming alive on the dance floor. The Sun left us around 8 pm, but the fun, laughter, and good rhythms stayed for more hours. Drake, The Weeknd, and so many more were present during that wedding -and the joy was palpable!

Evan and Marina are now destined to be together. If their life as a couple resembles anything in their wedding celebration, they are up to a pretty unique adventure ahead. We wish them all the happiness in the world. Thank you for choosing us!

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Mark And Natalie wedding event at paradise Gables

Mark And Natalie wedding event at paradise Gables

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The setting. What do we love about our state? The sea, nature, the Sun -all present at paradise Gables during this fantastic wedding. The vast backyard was efficiently transformed from a nice place into a wedding venue -with lots of tables, fine silverware, and tasteful ornaments. Butterflies and birds were ever so present, happily batting their wings amidst the charming flowers. You know? There are things in a wedding that you plan, and pleasant surprises arrive at the perfect timing. And speaking about preparing, Mark and Natalie made sure their guests could enjoy their ceremony by handing out parasols.

Now, the dessert table deserves a special mention because their offer was literally a sugary poem. They had doughnuts, chocolate mousse, cookies, sweet bars, raspberry cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, and trifles -a true paradise for those with a sweet tooth!

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The music. Mark and Natalie let their friends and family know how important the music, dancing, and celebrating were for them. They opted for doing the traditional dances before dinner. One can also deduce Natalie and Mark couldn’t wait to be embraced at the dance floor during their first song as husband and wife. Of course, there were tons of requests, and we are always happy to please them. The groom’s mother requested the iconic Sweet Caroline, a song with tons of tradition embedded in, and some fun facts perhaps you are unaware of. For instance:

  •         Mr. Neil Diamond wrote this song about his second wife named Marcia. If you remember the song beat, you will notice a two-syllable name wouldn’t fit, so there was no “Sweet Marcia.” Caroline was the perfect match.
  •         People speculated the song made an allusion to president Kennedy’s little girl Caroline. Diamond said the daughter of the American president barely hinted at the idea, but the lyrics were not about her at all.
  •         If you’ve been to a Red Sox game in Boston and stayed past the 8th inning, you probably have sung Sweet Caroline along thousands of fans. The song has nothing to do with the city, the team, or baseball! A Fenway Park employee, who really liked the song, began playing it during games a tradition started.
  •         The song, being so familiar and easy to sing, is an all-time karaoke favorite.

The Wedding of Mark & Natalie

It’s always sunny in…California


The setting was Paradise Gables, the bride was Natalie, the groom was Mark. The event hashtag was #MeettheManos. The name of the song? Picture perfect wedding.

The union between Mark and Natalie can be analyzed from three different perspectives: the setting, the couple, and the music they chose for their most fantastic day. Let’s start dissecting each one!

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The couple. There’s nothing better than to discover a couple’s personality through the details at their wedding. For instance, as the guests were arriving at the ceremony, a talented saxophonist entertained the crowd. Another sweet moment was when the flower girl was “rolled” through the aisle in a tiny carriage! Cuteness overloaded. But, if there’s a moment when a bride and groom show their true colors is the moment of their vows. It doesn’t matter if they don’t get to write their own ones; the complicity in their looks, the tone they use as they pronounce them -specially reserved for their loved one -all of it transmits a unique vibe.

Natalie and Mark did write their own vows, and they were filled with humbleness, devotion for each other, and hope for a great future for them as a couple. Natalie said she was convinced it was fate that determined she would be by Mark’s side. Then, looking at her partner said: “I am honored to be chosen to be your wife.” If that’s not true love, then I am lost at words.

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There were tons of outstanding musical requests for Mark’s and Natalie’s wedding. The Bee gees were present, along with Sir Elton John. Mazzy Star accompanied the guests during dinner as well as the legend and author Carole King. 

Friends and family stepped into the dance floor to show Kevin Bacon he’s not the only one with a Footloose; the guests also showed their best moves during Sweet Home Alabama and Mrs. Brightside by The Killers.

The dark sky crowned the event as friends danced and celebrated around the happy couple. But if someone showed the rest how to reign the dance floor, it was Mark and Natalie. Dancing like real movie stars, the new spouses closed the night with “Closing times” -pardon the pun.

We feel happy and blessed to have been part of such a joyous occasion. Mark and Natalie, you rocked the whole day; may the future bring more love and great endeavors for you!

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Robert And Katherine wedding at San Bernando Inn, San Diego, California

Robert And Katherine wedding at San Bernando Inn, San Diego, California

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Let me start from the basics. The newlyweds chose the San Bernando Inn as their wedding location. The superb venue has over 40 years of experience organizing social events, and they have a skillful staff ready to assist you at any time. If such an introduction wasn’t enough, the views would leave you speechless. The sun-bathed terrace and the gorgeous lawns could easily compete with those described in Fitzgerald’s Mr. Gatsby.

The color green was ever so present; in the spotless grass, the mesmerizing arch, and the floral arrangements.  The guests enjoyed some cocktails at the Aragon Terrace, joyfully chatting before the wedding began. 

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Ain’t no better day for love

The newlyweds walked officially as Mr. and Mrs. with the Young Bombs’ hit: Better day. It indeed was the better day for love, and the cool vibes were felt as the guests cheered them. Call me a hopeless romantic, but one of my favorite parts of a wedding is the Father and daughter dance. A bittersweet moment for dads, as they realize they are passing the baton to the grooms. It is the groom’s turn now to take care of her. In the case of Katherine’s, the moment was extra special, as the song they chose was Katherine’s parents’ favorite to dance to; her mom, unfortunately, passed away.

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The Wedding of Robert and Katherine

You look so beautiful in this light

We live in such a cool, stunning area that often we take it for granted. Events like Robert’s and Katherine’s wedding remind us of the San Diego area’s beauty.  Robert and Katherine chose the 4th of July weekend to take their vows and start a joined adventure. The day had many unique moments that are worth sharing; it was an overall great experience.

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And all of the voices surrounding us here.

Beautiful bride Katherine walked down the aisle with Ed Sheeran’s tribute to his girlfriend’s eyes: Tenerife Sea. The composer says he wrote this beautiful song at the 2013 Grammy Awards -I guess inspiration comes unexpectedly! Sheeran heard lots of people talking and chatting non-stop; he felt he didn’t belong, and all that mattered to him was his girlfriend sitting next to him. The lyrics are super romantic; there’s a verse that says: “Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me…” and with those meaningful words, Robert waited for his bride. Goosebumps, right?

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The moment of truth came with the vows as Katherine described Robert as the rock to her stone; she praised his leadership, faith, and how he inspired her to achieve new dreams. When Robert’s turn came up, he confessed he hadn’t updated his vows, and all the attendees laughed. When love has this level of perfection, these types of spontaneous moments only reassure what the couple already knows: they are meant to be together. 

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It’s all about tradition.

A key Macedonian tradition in weddings is the bread dance. What happens is, guests, carry a sweetened yeasted bread called koluk; guests form a circle, and the bride and groom dance in the middle. The circle symbolizes marriage -where there’s no beginning and no end. 

Unfortunately, the day came to an ending, not without the guests dancing their feet off with Michael Jackson, Blink 182, Black Eyed Peas, and other requests that made the dance floor alive. 

Robert and Katherine, thank you for thinking of us for your wedding. We have nothing but great memories from your special day, and we wish you the best in this exciting endeavor!

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Myles And Kyla wedding at The Pannikin Building, downtown.

Myles And Kyla wedding at The Pannikin Building, downtown.

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After the ceremony, the newlyweds made sure their guests knew this was a p-a-r-t-y by making a triumphal entrance with Soul Flower – Remix” by The Pharcyde -a request we were more than happy to abide with. 

From that moment on, the dance floor was brought to life, leading the beautiful Kyla and happiest man in the world, Myles. We had some interesting musical requests, including Hypnotize by deceased superstar Notorious BIG (gone too soon, right?). Of course, it doesn’t come as a surprise when the song is continually used anywhere people want to cheer up and embrace life. Other terrific additions to the playlist were good ol’ Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, who made dinner time even more pleasurable. It also proved the bride and groom have a soft spot for 70s nostalgia. 

After dancing, drinking, and enjoying like no other, the couple received a wonderful surprise, with a Brazil Carnival Samba Dance Performance. Percussions, dancers, insane rhythm filled the floor, making every single guest feel alive. 

Like we said at the beginning, there’s nothing better than witnessing true love. Two people who love each other so much that they cannot wait to share it with their beloved ones. But like Kyla and Myles, they want to do it their way. So we wish nothing but endless happiness and blessings to the couple.

DJ Mark -Music that gives you a reason to smile.

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The Wedding of Myles & Kyla

Now that we have found love – what are we gonna do

Witnessing a wedding is always emotional, and even if you are an “I-don’t-cry-at-weddings” type of person, you would have changed your mind after attending Kyla and Myles’s wedding.

Usually, brides tend to lean to one side of the spectrum: either they are methodical, with classic taste and a tight schedule, or they are laid-back, spontaneous, with a #yolo attitude. Kyla was a refreshing, captivating blend of the two approaches.

Starting with the couple’s choice for the venue, precisely the style we want to describe. California emanates a relaxed vibe; it immediately translates to chicness, modernity, and edginess. Who would’ve thought you could find fantastic spots, such as The Pannikin Building, downtown. It is a historic building with gorgeous wood floors, super cool vaulted ceilings and open beams, and the touch that makes it even cozier: exposed brick, which is the original thing! As the venue advertises itself, you can make this space whatever you want it to be. And so did Kyla and Myles did!

Before the wedding, Kyla, Myles, and their entourage had a photoshoot. If you’re thinking of rigid poses and frozen smiles, think again. This wonderful couple chose to get candid photos with the bridesmaids. They also stayed away from the formal “First look” pics and opted for genuine photos as Mr. and Mrs. Showing them as they are: a couple. Partners enjoying the moment, planning their wedding, but embracing their marriage -with all the spontaneity that comes along. 

Touches of classic romanticism were spotted throughout the day. For instance, Kyla was not seen by the rest of the guests until she walked down the aisle. A lovely detail that preserved the aura of mystery that accompanies the look at the bride for the first time. Also, the bridesmaids, wearing stunning rainbow-themed gowns, walked in a specific order so that the shades would blend perfectly. 

As guests walked into the reception space, they were instructed to explore, seat or walk as they pleased, not having to worry about dinner. You know why? Dinner came directly to them! And the day kept getting more incredible by the minute. 

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