Tyler & Kathryn

Tyler & Kathryn

Did I tell you, baby,

You are the joy of my life?

The first thing that I noticed was the unique altar. Tyler and Kathryn opted for a circular wooden arch. Remember I mentioned the depth of the view? The arch matched perfectly with the surroundings; it was as if one was looking at a painting from the Renaissance. Very unique and distinctive.

Once the bridal procession was in place, the beautiful Kathryn walked down the aisle, escorted by her mom. The song chosen for such a memorable, emotional moment was “Here comes the sun.” The Beatles ‘ repertoire is a real treat for anyone like me -who likes the stories behind the songs! Four geniuses, four temperaments, four icons -of course, the stories behind their lyrics are interesting!

“Here comes the Sun” was written by George Harrison and Eric Clapton. After their manager passed away, Harrison said that the band had to intervene more in the business affairs, which he hated. It was April, after one of those English winters that seem to carry on forever, and Harrison was at Clapton’s garden when the Sun came up. George simply grabbed his guitar, which he hadn’t play in a while, and began writing and expressing his feelings as he liberated tension and limited himself to enjoy the easing up of Spring. 

Just take me by the hand.

I am the luckiest man alive.

The music requests varied. Tyler and Kathryn selected some legends to bring rhythm and flavor to their wedding. Among them were Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Donna Summer, Cindy Lauper, Queen, and many more. Of course, young artists were present as well, like Dua Lipa -incredibly talented!

However, one particular request filled my heart. And that was “Tupelo Honey” by Van Morrison, which was played during dinner. 

The Wedding of Tyler & Kathryn

The Rancho Bernardo Inn has been a witness to many love stories. From proposals, engagement announcements, and weddings, their 40-year experience as a wedding venue precedes it. I’d been at the Rancho Bernardo before but at a different location. Tyler and Kathryn chose this magnificent place as the setting for their grand day: their wedding day.

The Rancho Bernardo offers something for every taste. Of course, the landscape is impressive; anyone staring past beyond those green areas gets inspired by its beauty. But there are also cozy corners that offer intimacy and a sense of familiarity. As is if the couples are getting married at home.

A fun fact, John Lennon did not play on this song. It was that time when the two of them were not on the best terms, and the tension was reaching a boiling point. We are thankful because after they settled their differences, George Harrison collaborated in the ultimate Lennon’s hymn “Imagine.” 

“Here comes the Sun” is a testimony of the genius behind the often-underrated Harrison. It also speaks about witnessing something beautiful emerging after a long wait. We could totally sense the feeling as Tyler watched his lovely bride walking towards him, ready to seal their destinies together. 

I’ll treasure each and every day.

The Sun was shining, and the wind was indeed blowing, making Kathryn’s veil dance as she and Tyler pronounced their vows -talk about movie-like scenes!

After the ceremony was done, the couple and their guests began to enjoy the reception. The new Mr. and Mrs. chose “Joy of my life” by Chris Stapleton. In the song, the words speak about realizing how lucky a man can get as he finds the love of his life.

Sometimes, it is hard to pinpoint what stands out precisely in a couple. Tyler and Kathryn were different. There was something about them, relaxed, at ease with each other, and plainly happy that emanated good vibes.

The cake-cutting ceremony was a blast. Turns out Tyler followed a family tradition and chose a particular sword to cut the cake. There was nothing uptight about it! On the contrary, as I said, the couple reflected a peacefulness and a joy that were palpable to the rest of us. 

Believe it or not, Tupelo Honey was inspired by the domestic happiness the author enjoyed upon married the love of his life, Janet. Janet, the woman who inspired several other Morrison’s compositions, brought joy and tranquility to the prior Irish R&B band member. Tupelo honey comes from the flowers of a tupelo tree, this last one an abundant species in the Southern states. The last fun fact, for all the Friends’ fans out there, Tupelo Honey was mentioned by Ross as the most romantic song ever (his love interest, Rachel, said the most romantic song was The Way We Were). At any rate, romance did reign over Tyler and Kathryn’s wedding.

I can’t say which was my favorite part of the event. The tasteful decorations, the vows, the guests dancing their souls out with the greatest 1980s songs (you can’t fail with this decade). The way family, friends, and the couple sang Sweet Caroline at the end. It was a great wedding; it was a great day. 

Congratulations to the newlyweds, and thank you for inviting me to be a part of your wedding.

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Evan & Abby

Evan & Abby

This time, it wasn’t the setting that got the spotlight, but the extraordinary décor. There were golden vases with pink feathers, the tablecloths were red, and there were few but elegant touches of flowers every now and then.

I really liked the cake table. It had a super cute photo of the couple, light roses, and of course, a perfectly tiered cake. Out of curiosity, I researched the meaning of light rosy tones -which were a constant at Evan and Abby’s union -and I found out they mean appreciation, joy, gentleness, and elegance. It all made sense!

And you know you should be glad.

Evan and Abby continued with their surprises as they received their guests with a welcome package -lots of treats and goodies for family and friends. For their first dance as a married couple, they went with 10 years-a song by Icelandic signer Daði Freyr and his band Gagnamagnið. The song represented Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The Beatles continued to influence the event, as “She loves you” played during dinner, as a fulfilled request of the bride and groom.

The Wedding of Evan & Abby

She says she loves you.

Some brides enjoy the process of planning a wedding; other couples actually resent it. There’s nothing wrong with it; it is, after all, a crucial day, and there’s tons of stuff to do, organize and coordinate. For some reason, Abby and Evan gave the impression of genuinely delighting in the whole thing. Perhaps it was the way they spoke to each other, but mostly, you could see their personalities imprinted in every detail of the wedding.

It’s you she’s thinking of

Do you want to know something extraordinary? There was a lot of Beatles during the ceremony procession -as a Liverpool’s quartet fan myself, and a clients’ pleaser -we indeed include them. 

The song Evan and Abby selected for their grand entrance was even more fantastic: “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys.  The tune and the video were a huge hit, and it is still a favorite when you want your audience to become enthusiastic and get in a party mood. Fun facts?

  • The Backstreet Boys were huge in Europe before reaching the top in the States. This song was marked as a “comeback.”
  • Once the video director met the band, he cataloged them as “little Michael Jacksons” and got the inspiration for the horror-based video from Thriller. Zombies, monsters, superb choreography, you get the gist.
  • Believe it or not, the video meant so much more than four good-looking boys dancing. It was purposely racially diverse; if you remember, Los Angeles back then was insanely segregated due to the city’s riots. No one discussed this with the band -that was the beauty of it! Next time you watch the video, check out the dance partners. Nicely done, BSB!

Iconic, to say the least, this song is what actually started the Beatlemania. It has a fascinating -and funny -story behind it! Here you have, John Lennon and Paul McCartney obliviously writing their future hit at McCartney’s place. It was Sir Paul who suggested using a third party. So instead of composing another song that said “I love you,” they thought it would be more interesting to cast the song as a message -letting someone else know their beloved one still loved them! Isn’t that the best news anyone can receive? And how great it was to sign about someone else instead of them. They basically crafted a little story, where one friend says, “She loves you,” and the other one replies, “yeah, yeah, yeah.” The funny thing is when the pair pitched the song to McCartney’s dad, who was present (picture Mr. McCartney senior, smoking cigarettes and watching some telly), he said: That’s very nice, son, but there’s enough of these Americanisms around. Couldn’t you sing, “She loves you. Yes! Yes! Yes!” Lennon and McCartney must’ve rolled their eyes at the comment!

Nonetheless, the message was beautiful -a message lacking selfishness, something along the lines of marriage. And on that note, we were very moved by Abby’s words during her vows. Abby said: “every moment I spent with you is a moment I treasure, and you should know how wonderful life is with you in the world.” What better discourse on love can exist? To let someone know the world is lucky to have them. 

We congratulate the happy couple and also remind them how lucky it is they have found each other. Love, a rare emotion displayed on a happy occasion. Thank you, Evan and Abby, for letting us accompany you, bringing music, melody, and lyrics to your day. 

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Clayton & Renee

Clayton & Renee

Let’s start with the location. One of La Jolla’s most beloved, and admired places Torrey Pines, was the setting for this fantastic event. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that the golf course and the lodge were built on the site of Camp Allan? (one of our Army’s camps during WWII). We got to thank the brilliant golf course architect William F. Bell, who envisioned this landscape with the sea, and lots of wind for the most talented golf players. 

Aside from being famous for its 36-hole adventure, Torrey Pines has an enviable view of La Jolla’s coastline, a breathtaking glance of the Pacific. Clayton and Renee chose wisely, and that day presented itself as perfect from the start as a slight overcast gave the ambiance a unique touch.  

The ceremony setting was ready, the chairs were aligned, the gorgeous altar was set, and the guest began to arrive. The flowers contrasted beautifully along the greenest grass I’ve ever seen! The whole motif exuded elegance and classiness.

Baby, we can take our own show on the road.

The music requests for this particular wedding blended modern tunes and some ol’ classics. Bob Seager, The Beatles. The Doors, Earth, Wind, and Fire were all present and are a common request. During dinner, the charming couple requested “Somewhere over the rainbow,” interpreted by the Hawaiian ukulele musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. We all grew up loving the song and thinking about the unforgettable Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz, but you probably did not know the following:

  • Deciding the first line was a huge conundrum for the authors. Some rejected ideas included “Someday over the rainbow” and “I’ll go over the rainbow.”
  • The movie producers almost cut the song out! They thought the tune was too slow and too long -Toto, I think they were wrong!
  • My favorite fun fact (among many). The song has a powerful underlying significance. The author beautifully expressed his hope for America to get out of the Great Depression in the early 1930s. Deep, right?

The Wedding of Clayton and Renee


And I found you like a melody

Clayton and Renee’s wedding… where do I begin? 

And I wanna chase every high with you.

Clayton and Renee chose to have only their families as part of the wedding. Every choice shapes the tone of the celebration; in this case, Renee and Clayton opted for something more intimate. The cute flower girl and ring bearer walked through the flowery path, the groom and his mom, and finally, Renee appeared arm in arm with her dad. The beautiful melody by Christina Perry -A thousand years -resonated through the area, and I could tell Clayton was getting emotional with the view of such a stunning bride. 

I like written vows. There’s nothing wrong with traditional ones, but it must take courage first to come up with the right words and second to utter them without choking up mid-sentence. There’s a sort of built expectations around personalized vows, and these ones did not disappoint. My favorite part said by Clayton was: “You showed me what through love is through your generosity and your compassionate nature.” My favorite phrase from Renee was: “Vows her I promise you to encourage you to follow your dreams.” Both sentences, I thought, were fantastic and felt genuine. 

Not everything was serious, though. And it was terrific to watch Renee and Clayton practically hopping out from the ceremony -pure joy. Do you know what this meant? They were ready to p-a-r-t-y, and I was prepared to do my part.

After dinner and all the traditional protocols, Clayton and Renee took the dance floor to dance their first song as husband and wife. The chosen melody was “One band man” by Old Dominion. The band’s lead singer explained the concept behind it: “One of the things we talk about the most in this band is how we can’t imagine being on this crazy ride alone.” Isn’t it true what marriage is all about? The abandonment of oneself to become a couple; to have a partner for life. For better or worse. I don’t know what Clayton and Renee told each other during their first dance, but the complicity in their eyes was inspiring. 

That squared area with wooden floor transformed into a stage as soon as the party moved on. Watching all of the guests dancing and enjoying was terrific; the beats stumbled against the floor, around their waving arms, through their lips as they sang and celebrated their friends tying the knot. 

It was great to be part of your special day, Clayton and Renee. We wish you happiness and the best of lucks during the next chapter of your lives!

DJ Mark

Music that makes you smile

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Aaron & Samantha

Aaron & Samantha

It’s all about the little details…

What makes each wedding unique? It’s not always impressive fireworks or flashy features. It’s the little details that reveal glimpses of the couple’s personality. In Aaron’s and Samantha’s case, their wedding emanated intimacy, companionship, thoughtfulness. I don’t know what was the greatest of details, whether the inspiring large framed quotes through the aisle, the couple’s collection of photos displayed at the reception, or the personalized napkins at the tables. And flowers, wow! The arrangements at the sweetheart table were stunning; there were also petals and flowers around the cake table that looked beautiful. 

Temecula was the place chosen by the groom and bride to held their celebration. Monte de Oro’s -owned by the Monte De Oro family -is a wine-producing house in Temecula Valley. The place is breathtaking; a little bit of Tuscany set over sunny California. The charm of the Old World blended with the chicness of Cali. The ceremony took place outside, among the lushing spreading vineyards. 

Life with you makes perfect sense.


While the ceremony was emotional, the crowd became alive once they hit the dance floor. One of the couple’s requests was super catchy Suavemente by Puerto Rican-American singer Elvis Crespo. No one can resist the merengue song with its sexy lyrics (“kiss me softly”) and its flavor. The song is a standard in Latin music and has crossed over into mainstream American popular culture. The melody is widely used in dance classes, events, parties, and weddings. It’s a part of pop culture. Want to hear something ludicrous? The song was even featured on the Netflix series House of Cards. Can you picture Crespo’s sensual words in the oval office over a national security debate? I definitely missed that one!

The Wedding of Aaron and Samantha



So tired of searchin’… ‘Til you walked into my life

Aaron and Samantha are now husband and wife, one of those lucky couples who met early on in life, have seen each other grow through the peaks and valleys in life. And now, they decided to officially seal their destinies together  – DJ Mark was present to witness such a remarkable event.

The truest of words come directly from the heart.


The ceremony was spotless, with the cutest flower girls wearing white dresses and walking towards the aisle. Samantha, looking fabulous, walked arm and arm with her father while Aaron eagerly waited for her at the arch. The notes of the all-time favorite Canon in D (Pachelbel’s Canon) matched perfectly with the scenery and fantastic panoramic views. The couple opted to write their own vows. Aaron made the attendees laugh when he described the moment he and Samantha first met; then, looking directly into each other’s eyes, they both expressed they could not imagine their lives without the other. 

One really cool thing to witness was the sand ceremony. If you are unfamiliar with it, let me explain it briefly. The unity sand ceremony is a wedding tradition where the couple has separate bottles of sand (different colors), and they are poured into a unified recipient. It symbolizes how their prior individual lives become one -indivisible from now on. In one simple act, the meaning of marriage is perfectly represented. 

Die a happy man

After the inspiring words, the blessings, the cocktails, the dancing, and the laughter, it was time to wrap it up. Aaron and Samantha said goodbye to their guests with a great song by Thomas Rhett -Die a Happy Man. Rhett wrote the song inspired by the unique relationship with Lauren, whom he met in first grade! Do you know what’s even better? It was Lauren who asked for the song! She had always admired Tim McGraw’s “Just to See You Smile” for years and wanted something similar penned by her hubby. Her actual words were: “Write something besides whiskey, beer, or taking a girl home in a big truck.” You gotta love her!

Anyways, it was the perfect song to end such a memorable day, as Rhett said: “I just think this song shows how Lauren and I love each other, and I hope this song is an encouragement to other married couples or people that are dating.”

We are more than sure that Rhett’s song fulfilled that purpose at Aaron’s and Samantha’s wedding. The happy look on the new Mr. and Mrs. provides us with all the satisfaction in the world. May your journey together be filled with blessings, love, and luck!

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Evan & Marina

Evan & Marina

Is our ribbon in the sky for our love

Evan and Marina chose to get married in the privacy of a house; when I say house, I mean a stunning property overlooking the immensity of the Pacific Ocean. People often ignore the effort to coordinate a wedding, making sure everything is in place, and everyone is ready to go. Here, such haste and buzz went unnoticed, as the guests could only focus on two things: the great-looking couple in love and the jaw-dropping landscape.

The day started early for Marina, as she started to get ready in the morning. Caterers arrived, and the property transformed into a lovely wedding location, with charming details in pinkish flowers and wood.

From now on, it will be you and I

This crowd was ready to spin and twirl as some of the guests began to dance at the cocktail hour. Evan and Marina set a single long table facing the ocean. The table was filled with lovely ornaments and personalized items.

While the guests were enjoying the dinner buffet, we did our best to please the music requests from the bride and groom. The selection included Earth Wind and Fire, Justin Bieber, and Legend Marvin Gaye with “I heard it through the grapevine.”

 Of course, you have heard the song but probably don’t know a few incredible details about it. First of all, the lyrics describe a classic situation in which a man finds out his woman is cheating on him. The first version Gaye recorded was not accepted; the second one launched in 1968 was a tremendous hit. Not only that, it stayed #1 in Motown for a record number of weeks until Lionel Ritchie, and Diana Ross’s hit stayed 9 weeks, stealing the record from Gaye. Fun fact, the song was featured in the 1980s raisins commercial, which boosted raising sales, and the California Raisins became an ’80s fad and were the most popular Halloween costume that year.

The Wedding of Evan and Marina

Unique is a worn-out word. People use the term nonchalantly to describe special items, situations, or events. That’s why it is challenging to come up with a word to recount Evan and Marina’s wedding; because the whole event was more memorable than simply “special” and more unique than just “unique.” I shall try my best.

Love, we can’t lose with God on our side.

At 4:00 pm, the first look was scheduled, and the wedding ceremony started at 5:30 pm. The ceremony had only a few chairs for the guests, while most stood up during the ritual. Marina walked towards Evan, looking beautiful, accompanied by the unforgettable Stevie Wonder and his Ribbon in the sky. Now, although the lyrics definitely speak about true love, people interpret them in different ways. Some fans believe Stevie was singing about finding love after a heartbreak -since the ribbon in the sky can mirror a rainbow (which comes after a storm). Others just believe the song talks about two people meant to be together -like Marina and Evan.

The officiant spoke delightfully. She said that ceremony was the cusp after a journey of space and time, reaching that place after these uncertain times we are living in. The journey stopped right there for the guests, witnessing their beloved ones getting married; for Marina and Evan, the adventure just began.

One really cool thing was when the bride and groom turned to their guests and blessed them; wanting to share the love and happiness they were feeling with their family and friends.

This is not a coincidence.

What’s better than a lovely couple dancing at sunset? Three couples dancing at sunset! Evan’s and Marina’s parents joined them on the dance floor and embraced each other as the new family they are. It was a fantastic moment.

Evan and Marina invited family and friends to dance with Mary J. Blige and her hit “Family affair.” While the song basically talks about getting super crazy on the dance floor, Blige’s bridge -suggested by Dr. Dre -is sort of spiritual. Talks about the need to throw hate through the window and focus on love -and this crowd indeed got the message right.

I never get tired of witnessing a group of people coming alive on the dance floor. The Sun left us around 8 pm, but the fun, laughter, and good rhythms stayed for more hours. Drake, The Weeknd, and so many more were present during that wedding -and the joy was palpable!

Evan and Marina are now destined to be together. If their life as a couple resembles anything in their wedding celebration, they are up to a pretty unique adventure ahead. We wish them all the happiness in the world. Thank you for choosing us!

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