Sebastian and Shana’s wedding at Twin Oaks Gardens in San Marcos

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The couple chose Two Oaks Gardens in San Marcos, as their wedding location. The place is dreamy, to say the least. You get transported back to 1891. The place is surrounded by an amazing green landscape with beautiful trees and a feeling of intimacy. The place serves as an ideal wedding location but the spot is also a great choice for fine dining and dancing!

And speaking about dancing, let me tell you a little bit about the music selection for Sebastian and Shana’s wedding. The lovely couple chose Matt Samuel’s “Now that we found love” as their newlywed song.

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Another proof of that was the song Shana picked for the Bouquet toss moment. The epic “Wannabe” by the Spice girls. If you remember the 1990s, you remember how this song smashed the top list, spreading a message about “girl power” worldwide. The Spice Girls – more than a music group – was a movement that provided a female alternative to boy bands – which were huge at the time.

You recall them as crazy, goofy, and beautiful, but that image was not an accident, and in fact, the concept took a while to get defined. The lyrics of this famous son are about the value of friendship. By the way, the title “wannabe” has nothing to do with the song, but it was catchy! The line “friendship never ends” became the band’s motto, and also a credo for all groups of girls back then. As Shana and her friends took over the dance floor, there was no better companionship than this song. 

Fun fact about Sebastian and Shana’s wedding. Since this was a polish wedding, some polish songs made the request list, among them Balkanica by Piersi. I think it’s super cool when couples find a unique, fun way to honor their heritage, through the food, the décor, or in this case, the music. Now, originally, a polish wedding is a very long event, current wedding guides in Poland advise for a “standard wedding lasting 12 hours, and the bride and groom should serve between four or five hot entrees, as well as pastries, cake, and fruit!” can you imagine? 12 hours!

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Sebastian and Shana

Hi folks! Here’s another great wedding, and another great tale to tell. This time, we were honored to be part of Sebastian and Shana’s union. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

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For their cake-cutting ceremony, the selection was “2 Hearts” by Sam Felt. Now, the original meaning comes from the Dutch language and it doesn’t have an exact translation for English. The talented Sam Felt joined the UK duo Sigma and Gia Koka for this gold piece. The song starts with trumpets and gives the melody a triumphant tone.

The energy is palpable through the tone, and the tropical notes give the song unique happy vibes. And of course, this is a love song, “Two hearts are better than one…” is repeated throughout the song. Happy, vibrant tunes are always a great choice for cutting the cake; although some couples prefer something more solemn. 

But, right from the start, you could tell, that despite all the romantic details, Sebastian and Shana’s celebration was going to be all about the fun. About joyously celebrating life.

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As always, I like to highlight those details or moments that made this specific wedding special. Here is my take on Sebastian and Shana’s wedding:

  • The way Shana and Sebastian shared the dancefloor as they danced with their father and mother respectively. Seemed such an intimate, family moment!
  • When Shana’s friends gathered around a cell phone on the floor and started recording, what I imagine it’s going to be a video they will cherish for a long time.
  • The cake was simply beautiful and surrounded by all kinds of yummy tiny desserts and candles. Behind it was the wedding date and one simple but powerful word: “Endlessly”
  • The way color was present in every aspect of the wedding, the chairs, the flowers, the table cloths… it was amazing to watch. 
  • Last but not least, how Sebastian and Shana’s wedding morphed from being a solemn ceremony to a great, big party where friends and family seemed to have the time of their lives. 

Thank you Shana, and thank you, Sebastian, not only for having us during your special day, but to give us proof that true, everlasting love is as powerful, real, and present as ever!

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