Jason And Erin’s wedding celebration at the Bali Hall

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The Ceremony and the reception were held at the Bali Hali. If you haven’t been here, this location has been an all-time favorite in San Diego for over sixty years. They have a friendly efficient staff; but truthfully, hardly anything would stain an event held in a such beautiful spot. Nothing compares to the mesmerizing view of San Diego Bay and the downtown skyline.

This place was the canvas where Jason and Erin painted their first brushes as husband and wife. And thankfully, we were invited to witness it and to set some great music.

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Jason and Erin – favorite moments

Every wedding has its memorable events and details. I loved, for example, the sign at the entrance that read “Welcome to our forever.” Those little details, that changes a normal, conventional phrase and turn it into something different make you smile.

The cake was also very cool, with different colors all over it!

But, if I had to pick, it was the vows.

Picture this: you have an amazing sunny day, the ocean and San Diego’s skyline behind it, and a gorgeous couple completely in love. Then the groom starts his vows by reading the lyrics of 500 miles by The Proclaimers, and everyone: bride, minister, and guests bursts into laughter.

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Jason and Erin

Sunny Cali shone in all of its splendor on Jason and Erin’s wedding day.

It was a day of good music, good food, amazing views, best friends, and a young couple commencing their journey as a family.

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Jason and Erin – the tunes, the beats, and the sounds

For the recessional song, Erin and Jason picked the classic “Signed, sealed and delivered” by superstar Stevie Wonder. The song speaks about getting back to your loved one and putting yourself to their mercy. A fun fact, there are four names under the song’s credits: Stevie, Lee Garret, and Syreeta Wright, and the fourth one is? Steve’s momma!

The famous song is featured in the films Crooklyn (1994), Now And Then (1996), You’ve Got Mail (1998), and Laws Of Attraction (2004).

The Mother and Son song was another great one. No matter how many times you hear “I’ll be there” by the Jackson Five, your heart still skips a beat when young Michael Jackson reaches those high final notes. The song is a statement of unconditional love, even if your loved one parts ways with you. What better example than a mother wishing all the happiness in the world to her son, as he gets married?

Can you believe Michael Jackson was only 11 years old when he recorded it? Of course, Mariah Carey’s version is also a great one. But the original version transmits that unique sentiment; innocent, pure, and truthful.

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The First Dance – Jason and Erin

I enjoyed this part so much, it deserves some lines.

The song Jason and Erin chose for this special moment was “Make you Feel my Love” by Adele. This is a cover, as the original one was recorded by Bob Dylan in 1997, and included in his album Time Out Of Mind. There’s a reason why the British singer decided to make her own version, in an interview she said: “I wrote 9 songs in a short space of time, I was really feeling in those songs, though.

I was bitterly upset and then my manager played me this Bob Dylan song ‘Make You Feel My Love.’ The lyrics are just amazing and summed up exactly what I’d been trying to say in my songs. It’s about regretting not being with someone, and it’s beautiful.”

And as beautiful as the melody and lyrics are, what was really emotional, was how the guests reacted to Jason and Erin dancing together. The couple, of course, were immersed in their own world, looking intently into each other’s eyes. But their friends and family couldn’t hide their happiness, as they all stare in awe. How could you not? With such a beautiful bride?

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Jason began with a powerful phrase, he said: “Erin, I know you and I love you.” Stating that he knew they were both going to be tearful by then, and decided to cheer his bride up. I just loved it!

Erin also moved everyone with her words, as she said that those 4.5 together had turned her into a better version of herself.

It was a fun, exciting, beautiful day, and we only wish this is only the first of many happy milestones in their lives as a couple. Enjoy your “forever”, Jason and Erin!

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