Erik And Kinsey wedding at the San Diego Zoo

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Upon arriving at the place, the first thing I noticed was the lagoon, filled with beautiful birds and other wildlife. The sounds -the chirping and cooing -definitely hinted one was in the presence of nature in all of its splendor. The ceremony took place precisely overlooking this lagoon. The aisle was filled with scattered rose petals; next to the altar, two beautiful floral towers (if that’s not actually an official term, I call dibs on it!). The wedding colors matched perfectly with the surroundings, with many brown shades, burgundy flowers, and other earthy tones. The lovely tiered cake was also adorned with flowers in these earthy shades. 

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Say you’ll love me

After Kinsey and Erik officially became wife and husband, the whole crowd moved to the reception area. Erik and Kinsey entered with the iconic “September” by cherished American band Earth, Wind, and Fire. Do you know what this song is famous for? For making people happy when they hear it -the authors indeed call it joyful music. Just because it is a cheerful song, don’t think it was easy to write it. Actually, the writing process was rich and long. One of the authors, Alle Willis, said they inspired themselves on Eastern philosophies and the incredibly positive views they have about life. Grabbing a bunch of books from a spiritual bookstore in LA, Willis wrote 30 pages worth of lyrics! 

People speculated for long about the significance of the “21st night of September” in the opening lyrics; Maurice White had said it had no meaning. They chose that because it fit phonetically with the rest of the song. However, fast forward to 2018, and Maurice’s widow said September 21 was the due date for their son. So Maurice encrypted a loving message to his son within a song that would be a tremendous hit! Movies that used this song include Night at the Museum, The Ringer, Soul Food, Dan In Real Life, and Babel.

Erik and Kinsey

I’ve found something real.

I had the pleasure to accompany Erik and Kinsey as they became Mr. and Mrs. Swanson -and boy! Did they do it in a fantastic way!

Erik and Kinsey chose the Safari Park, at the San Diego Zoo, as their wedding location. This is a terrific choice for couples seeking a unique celebration filled with romance, adventure, and one-of-a-kind landscapes. Erik and Kinsey’s guests will forever treasure this memory. Moreover, when couples book weddings at this location, they contribute to the support of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s conservation efforts. You get a memorable wedding day, and you help the planet -that’s neat!

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Hold my heart til’ it grows old.

The ceremony began, and the wedding procession entered with a charming song called “Savage beauty” -by Jacob Shea and Jasha Klebe (from Planet Earth II soundtrack). The beautiful bride then entered, arm and arm with her father; the song chosen was “Courage and Kindness” from the Cinderella soundtrack. You could say Kinsey is a modern-time princess who loves nature -a combination hard to top.

The officiant’s words were touching and emotional. My favorite phrase from the ceremony was when the officiant said: “A lasting love is rooted upon the fact that God loves you.” And, I couldn’t agree more!

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Musical requests for the rest of the event varied, but the classics were ever-so present, with the Beatles, the Righteous Brothers, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra. And speaking of the Chairman of the Board, Kinsey’s father sang “The Way You Look Tonight.” I have to be honest, as I was told this was going to happen, I pictured an emotional but serious moment -I was wrong! Kinsey’s father’s unique voice surprised me, but I was also astonished by this moment’s great vibes imprinted in the ambiance. Everyone was dancing to the iconic song as Erik and Kinsey embraced each other and sang it along!

The whole wedding had too many terrific moments to recount them all! I don’t know what I liked the most, Whether Erik dancing with his two sisters or Grandma rocking the dance floor with her favorite song, “Low” by Flo Rida. One of the best wedding moments I’ve ever witnessed!

Everything about Erik and Kinsey’s wedding day matched. The flowers with the landscape, the music with the dancers, the decoration with the place. But most of all, the bride and groom matched each other. It is always inspiring, and never trite, to witness two people madly in love with each other, vowing to be together through thick and thin. It was an honor to be a part of your wedding. Best of lucks in this new stage of your life, and remember to always keep the music on your side!

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