Chris And Vanessa wedding ceremony at the the Westgate Hotel Ballroom

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Let me start by talking a bit about the location. You see? Christopher and Vanessa chose The Westgate Hotel -precisely the Versailles Ballroom -for their union. However, the ceremony took place outside of the premises. If you’ve lived enough in San Diego, you must know this place is a jewel lavished with mesmerizing crystal chandeliers and artwork that depicts valuable heritage, tradition, luxury, and elegance. Opening its doors for the first time more than 50 years ago, the event was called a “contribution to San Diego’s steps toward a metropolitan city.” 

Just as fun trivia, let me share that the building (considered ultra-modern back in the 70s) cost $14.5 million. The complex has many amenities, including Roll Royce limousine service back then). It is understandable why it was dubbed “America’s most beautiful hotel.”

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I feel at home when I’m around you.

You know how I’ve been mentioning the elegance and lavishing details about this wedding? Well, let’s add something to this note. Despite the luxurious location, the chandeliers, the roses, the interaction between groom and bride couldn’t be more natural, fluid, and charming. I love to witness that at weddings. There was no façade, no rehearsed movements; Christopher and Vanessa went with the flow, enjoying every single moment of their day, from the most solemn to the “leave-everything-in-the-dance-floor” part. 

For instance, during the cake ceremony, it turns out the cake was hard to cut! Which is not that uncommon. Instead of showing a worried face or stress about such a menial detail, Vanessa and Chris had tons of fun, laughing, and putting their whole bodies into it, until that stubborn first slice came out. 

Isn’t what weddings are supposed to look like? Two people who enjoy each other’s company so much want to share their happiness with their beloved ones. 

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And we’re on our way to glory.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that no matter what, love always prevails. Through the peaks and valleys of our lives, our existence carries on. And with those thoughts in mind, I wrapped up Christopher and Vanessa’s magnificent wedding. What better way to start fresh this 2022 than being part of such a fun, charming event?

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With that preamble, you can imagine what kind of event was Vanessa and Chris’s wedding. The ceremony -held outside -featured rose petals everywhere, including the aisle where Vanessa walked looking stunning, but most of all, looking like a woman in love. And speaking about love, it was such a cute, fun moment, when Chris (as he was saying his vows) repeated the part of “I promise to love you.” The crowd laughed as the officiant pointed out how much he liked that part.

After the ceremony, Vanessa and Christopher were officially pronounced husband and wife; the crowd moved inside for the reception. 

There, the royalty-vibe continued, not only because the ballroom is stunning itself but also the tasteful decoration that adorned it. The sweetheart table was one of my favorite parts, with lots of white roses, candles, and breathtaking details. 

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Now there’s time for us to spend

Let’s talk music.

The newlyweds chose the song “Pluto Projector” by Rex Orange County for their first dance. In this song, the author confesses his love for his significant other. He also is hopeful these feelings will last forever. The second verse of the song actually talks about marriage because Rex -in his own words -said he imagined himself in wedlock with his partner.

He calls for an encore on this life again. He also does not shy away from admitting his mistakes and failures while admitting that he can be a ‘boy’ in his thoughts at times. The song reaffirms that where there is understanding, compromise, and communication, “forever” is possible. And with such amazing lyrics, Christopher and Vanessa swayed, looking into each other’s eyes. 

The father and daughter’s song was no less emotional. Vanessa and her father danced Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. Carlisle, a contemporary Christian singer and author wrote this song for his daughter. He was looking at some family photos and suddenly realized his daughter Brooke was bound to leave the household in a few years. Bob Carlisle said the lyrics just “poured out” of him, and he immediately recorded the song. The melody and lyrics are not only about fatherhood but reflection and gratitude. Like when we look back and see we’ve done pretty good, despite all odds. It also triggers appreciation for time well spent. 

And if someone spent their time very well, were the guests at the wedding. Because once the lights were dimmed and the hip hop began, the dancefloor became a stage. 

A remarkable way to start my year. Christopher and Vanessa, I wish your journey together be as your wedding day did: filled with laughter, joy, and tons of love.

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