Tyler And Kathryn’s wedding at The Rancho Bernardo Inn

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Did I tell you, baby,

You are the joy of my life?

The first thing that I noticed was the unique altar. Tyler and Kathryn opted for a circular wooden arch. Remember I mentioned the depth of the view? The arch matched perfectly with the surroundings; it was as if one was looking at a painting from the Renaissance. Very unique and distinctive.

Once the bridal procession was in place, the beautiful Kathryn walked down the aisle, escorted by her mom. The song chosen for such a memorable, emotional moment was “Here comes the sun.” The Beatles ‘ repertoire is a real treat for anyone like me -who likes the stories behind the songs! Four geniuses, four temperaments, four icons -of course, the stories behind their lyrics are interesting!

“Here comes the Sun” was written by George Harrison and Eric Clapton. After their manager passed away, Harrison said that the band had to intervene more in the business affairs, which he hated. It was April, after one of those English winters that seem to carry on forever, and Harrison was at Clapton’s garden when the Sun came up. George simply grabbed his guitar, which he hadn’t play in a while, and began writing and expressing his feelings as he liberated tension and limited himself to enjoy the easing up of Spring. 

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Just take me by the hand.

I am the luckiest man alive.

The music requests varied. Tyler and Kathryn selected some legends to bring rhythm and flavor to their wedding. Among them were Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Donna Summer, Cindy Lauper, Queen, and many more. Of course, young artists were present as well, like Dua Lipa -incredibly talented!

However, one particular request filled my heart. And that was “Tupelo Honey” by Van Morrison, which was played during dinner. 

The Wedding of Tyler & Kathryn

The Rancho Bernardo Inn has been a witness to many love stories. From proposals, engagement announcements, and weddings, their 40-year experience as a wedding venue precedes it. I’d been at the Rancho Bernardo before but at a different location. Tyler and Kathryn chose this magnificent place as the setting for their grand day: their wedding day.

The Rancho Bernardo offers something for every taste. Of course, the landscape is impressive; anyone staring past beyond those green areas gets inspired by its beauty. But there are also cozy corners that offer intimacy and a sense of familiarity. As is if the couples are getting married at home.

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A fun fact, John Lennon did not play on this song. It was that time when the two of them were not on the best terms, and the tension was reaching a boiling point. We are thankful because after they settled their differences, George Harrison collaborated in the ultimate Lennon’s hymn “Imagine.” 

“Here comes the Sun” is a testimony of the genius behind the often-underrated Harrison. It also speaks about witnessing something beautiful emerging after a long wait. We could totally sense the feeling as Tyler watched his lovely bride walking towards him, ready to seal their destinies together. 

I’ll treasure each and every day.

The Sun was shining, and the wind was indeed blowing, making Kathryn’s veil dance as she and Tyler pronounced their vows -talk about movie-like scenes!

After the ceremony was done, the couple and their guests began to enjoy the reception. The new Mr. and Mrs. chose “Joy of my life” by Chris Stapleton. In the song, the words speak about realizing how lucky a man can get as he finds the love of his life.

Sometimes, it is hard to pinpoint what stands out precisely in a couple. Tyler and Kathryn were different. There was something about them, relaxed, at ease with each other, and plainly happy that emanated good vibes.

The cake-cutting ceremony was a blast. Turns out Tyler followed a family tradition and chose a particular sword to cut the cake. There was nothing uptight about it! On the contrary, as I said, the couple reflected a peacefulness and a joy that were palpable to the rest of us. 

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Believe it or not, Tupelo Honey was inspired by the domestic happiness the author enjoyed upon married the love of his life, Janet. Janet, the woman who inspired several other Morrison’s compositions, brought joy and tranquility to the prior Irish R&B band member. Tupelo honey comes from the flowers of a tupelo tree, this last one an abundant species in the Southern states. The last fun fact, for all the Friends’ fans out there, Tupelo Honey was mentioned by Ross as the most romantic song ever (his love interest, Rachel, said the most romantic song was The Way We Were). At any rate, romance did reign over Tyler and Kathryn’s wedding.

I can’t say which was my favorite part of the event. The tasteful decorations, the vows, the guests dancing their souls out with the greatest 1980s songs (you can’t fail with this decade). The way family, friends, and the couple sang Sweet Caroline at the end. It was a great wedding; it was a great day. 

Congratulations to the newlyweds, and thank you for inviting me to be a part of your wedding.

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