Robert And Katherine wedding at San Bernando Inn, San Diego, California

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Let me start from the basics. The newlyweds chose the San Bernando Inn as their wedding location. The superb venue has over 40 years of experience organizing social events, and they have a skillful staff ready to assist you at any time. If such an introduction wasn’t enough, the views would leave you speechless. The sun-bathed terrace and the gorgeous lawns could easily compete with those described in Fitzgerald’s Mr. Gatsby.

The color green was ever so present; in the spotless grass, the mesmerizing arch, and the floral arrangements.  The guests enjoyed some cocktails at the Aragon Terrace, joyfully chatting before the wedding began. 

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Ain’t no better day for love

The newlyweds walked officially as Mr. and Mrs. with the Young Bombs’ hit: Better day. It indeed was the better day for love, and the cool vibes were felt as the guests cheered them. Call me a hopeless romantic, but one of my favorite parts of a wedding is the Father and daughter dance. A bittersweet moment for dads, as they realize they are passing the baton to the grooms. It is the groom’s turn now to take care of her. In the case of Katherine’s, the moment was extra special, as the song they chose was Katherine’s parents’ favorite to dance to; her mom, unfortunately, passed away.

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The Wedding of Robert and Katherine

You look so beautiful in this light

We live in such a cool, stunning area that often we take it for granted. Events like Robert’s and Katherine’s wedding remind us of the San Diego area’s beauty.  Robert and Katherine chose the 4th of July weekend to take their vows and start a joined adventure. The day had many unique moments that are worth sharing; it was an overall great experience.

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And all of the voices surrounding us here.

Beautiful bride Katherine walked down the aisle with Ed Sheeran’s tribute to his girlfriend’s eyes: Tenerife Sea. The composer says he wrote this beautiful song at the 2013 Grammy Awards -I guess inspiration comes unexpectedly! Sheeran heard lots of people talking and chatting non-stop; he felt he didn’t belong, and all that mattered to him was his girlfriend sitting next to him. The lyrics are super romantic; there’s a verse that says: “Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me…” and with those meaningful words, Robert waited for his bride. Goosebumps, right?

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The moment of truth came with the vows as Katherine described Robert as the rock to her stone; she praised his leadership, faith, and how he inspired her to achieve new dreams. When Robert’s turn came up, he confessed he hadn’t updated his vows, and all the attendees laughed. When love has this level of perfection, these types of spontaneous moments only reassure what the couple already knows: they are meant to be together. 

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It’s all about tradition.

A key Macedonian tradition in weddings is the bread dance. What happens is, guests, carry a sweetened yeasted bread called koluk; guests form a circle, and the bride and groom dance in the middle. The circle symbolizes marriage -where there’s no beginning and no end. 

Unfortunately, the day came to an ending, not without the guests dancing their feet off with Michael Jackson, Blink 182, Black Eyed Peas, and other requests that made the dance floor alive. 

Robert and Katherine, thank you for thinking of us for your wedding. We have nothing but great memories from your special day, and we wish you the best in this exciting endeavor!

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