Mark And Natalie wedding event at paradise Gables

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The setting. What do we love about our state? The sea, nature, the Sun -all present at paradise Gables during this fantastic wedding. The vast backyard was efficiently transformed from a nice place into a wedding venue -with lots of tables, fine silverware, and tasteful ornaments. Butterflies and birds were ever so present, happily batting their wings amidst the charming flowers. You know? There are things in a wedding that you plan, and pleasant surprises arrive at the perfect timing. And speaking about preparing, Mark and Natalie made sure their guests could enjoy their ceremony by handing out parasols.

Now, the dessert table deserves a special mention because their offer was literally a sugary poem. They had doughnuts, chocolate mousse, cookies, sweet bars, raspberry cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, and trifles -a true paradise for those with a sweet tooth!

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The music. Mark and Natalie let their friends and family know how important the music, dancing, and celebrating were for them. They opted for doing the traditional dances before dinner. One can also deduce Natalie and Mark couldn’t wait to be embraced at the dance floor during their first song as husband and wife. Of course, there were tons of requests, and we are always happy to please them. The groom’s mother requested the iconic Sweet Caroline, a song with tons of tradition embedded in, and some fun facts perhaps you are unaware of. For instance:

  •         Mr. Neil Diamond wrote this song about his second wife named Marcia. If you remember the song beat, you will notice a two-syllable name wouldn’t fit, so there was no “Sweet Marcia.” Caroline was the perfect match.
  •         People speculated the song made an allusion to president Kennedy’s little girl Caroline. Diamond said the daughter of the American president barely hinted at the idea, but the lyrics were not about her at all.
  •         If you’ve been to a Red Sox game in Boston and stayed past the 8th inning, you probably have sung Sweet Caroline along thousands of fans. The song has nothing to do with the city, the team, or baseball! A Fenway Park employee, who really liked the song, began playing it during games a tradition started.
  •         The song, being so familiar and easy to sing, is an all-time karaoke favorite.

The Wedding of Mark & Natalie

It’s always sunny in…California


The setting was Paradise Gables, the bride was Natalie, the groom was Mark. The event hashtag was #MeettheManos. The name of the song? Picture perfect wedding.

The union between Mark and Natalie can be analyzed from three different perspectives: the setting, the couple, and the music they chose for their most fantastic day. Let’s start dissecting each one!

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The couple. There’s nothing better than to discover a couple’s personality through the details at their wedding. For instance, as the guests were arriving at the ceremony, a talented saxophonist entertained the crowd. Another sweet moment was when the flower girl was “rolled” through the aisle in a tiny carriage! Cuteness overloaded. But, if there’s a moment when a bride and groom show their true colors is the moment of their vows. It doesn’t matter if they don’t get to write their own ones; the complicity in their looks, the tone they use as they pronounce them -specially reserved for their loved one -all of it transmits a unique vibe.

Natalie and Mark did write their own vows, and they were filled with humbleness, devotion for each other, and hope for a great future for them as a couple. Natalie said she was convinced it was fate that determined she would be by Mark’s side. Then, looking at her partner said: “I am honored to be chosen to be your wife.” If that’s not true love, then I am lost at words.

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There were tons of outstanding musical requests for Mark’s and Natalie’s wedding. The Bee gees were present, along with Sir Elton John. Mazzy Star accompanied the guests during dinner as well as the legend and author Carole King. 

Friends and family stepped into the dance floor to show Kevin Bacon he’s not the only one with a Footloose; the guests also showed their best moves during Sweet Home Alabama and Mrs. Brightside by The Killers.

The dark sky crowned the event as friends danced and celebrated around the happy couple. But if someone showed the rest how to reign the dance floor, it was Mark and Natalie. Dancing like real movie stars, the new spouses closed the night with “Closing times” -pardon the pun.

We feel happy and blessed to have been part of such a joyous occasion. Mark and Natalie, you rocked the whole day; may the future bring more love and great endeavors for you!

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