Evan And Marina wedding ceremony at the Pacific

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Is our ribbon in the sky for our love

Evan and Marina chose to get married in the privacy of a house; when I say house, I mean a stunning property overlooking the immensity of the Pacific Ocean. People often ignore the effort to coordinate a wedding, making sure everything is in place, and everyone is ready to go. Here, such haste and buzz went unnoticed, as the guests could only focus on two things: the great-looking couple in love and the jaw-dropping landscape.

The day started early for Marina, as she started to get ready in the morning. Caterers arrived, and the property transformed into a lovely wedding location, with charming details in pinkish flowers and wood.

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From now on, it will be you and I

This crowd was ready to spin and twirl as some of the guests began to dance at the cocktail hour. Evan and Marina set a single long table facing the ocean. The table was filled with lovely ornaments and personalized items.

While the guests were enjoying the dinner buffet, we did our best to please the music requests from the bride and groom. The selection included Earth Wind and Fire, Justin Bieber, and Legend Marvin Gaye with “I heard it through the grapevine.”

 Of course, you have heard the song but probably don’t know a few incredible details about it. First of all, the lyrics describe a classic situation in which a man finds out his woman is cheating on him. The first version Gaye recorded was not accepted; the second one launched in 1968 was a tremendous hit. Not only that, it stayed #1 in Motown for a record number of weeks until Lionel Ritchie, and Diana Ross’s hit stayed 9 weeks, stealing the record from Gaye. Fun fact, the song was featured in the 1980s raisins commercial, which boosted raising sales, and the California Raisins became an ’80s fad and were the most popular Halloween costume that year.

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The Wedding of Evan and Marina

Unique is a worn-out word. People use the term nonchalantly to describe special items, situations, or events. That’s why it is challenging to come up with a word to recount Evan and Marina’s wedding; because the whole event was more memorable than simply “special” and more unique than just “unique.” I shall try my best.

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Love, we can’t lose with God on our side.

At 4:00 pm, the first look was scheduled, and the wedding ceremony started at 5:30 pm. The ceremony had only a few chairs for the guests, while most stood up during the ritual. Marina walked towards Evan, looking beautiful, accompanied by the unforgettable Stevie Wonder and his Ribbon in the sky. Now, although the lyrics definitely speak about true love, people interpret them in different ways. Some fans believe Stevie was singing about finding love after a heartbreak -since the ribbon in the sky can mirror a rainbow (which comes after a storm). Others just believe the song talks about two people meant to be together -like Marina and Evan.

The officiant spoke delightfully. She said that ceremony was the cusp after a journey of space and time, reaching that place after these uncertain times we are living in. The journey stopped right there for the guests, witnessing their beloved ones getting married; for Marina and Evan, the adventure just began.

One really cool thing was when the bride and groom turned to their guests and blessed them; wanting to share the love and happiness they were feeling with their family and friends.

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This is not a coincidence.

What’s better than a lovely couple dancing at sunset? Three couples dancing at sunset! Evan’s and Marina’s parents joined them on the dance floor and embraced each other as the new family they are. It was a fantastic moment.

Evan and Marina invited family and friends to dance with Mary J. Blige and her hit “Family affair.” While the song basically talks about getting super crazy on the dance floor, Blige’s bridge -suggested by Dr. Dre -is sort of spiritual. Talks about the need to throw hate through the window and focus on love -and this crowd indeed got the message right.

I never get tired of witnessing a group of people coming alive on the dance floor. The Sun left us around 8 pm, but the fun, laughter, and good rhythms stayed for more hours. Drake, The Weeknd, and so many more were present during that wedding -and the joy was palpable!

Evan and Marina are now destined to be together. If their life as a couple resembles anything in their wedding celebration, they are up to a pretty unique adventure ahead. We wish them all the happiness in the world. Thank you for choosing us!

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