Aaron And Samantha wedding celebration at Temecula

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It’s all about the little details…

What makes each wedding unique? It’s not always impressive fireworks or flashy features. It’s the little details that reveal glimpses of the couple’s personality. In Aaron’s and Samantha’s case, their wedding emanated intimacy, companionship, thoughtfulness. I don’t know what was the greatest of details, whether the inspiring large framed quotes through the aisle, the couple’s collection of photos displayed at the reception, or the personalized napkins at the tables. And flowers, wow! The arrangements at the sweetheart table were stunning; there were also petals and flowers around the cake table that looked beautiful. 

Temecula was the place chosen by the groom and bride to held their celebration. Monte de Oro’s -owned by the Monte De Oro family -is a wine-producing house in Temecula Valley. The place is breathtaking; a little bit of Tuscany set over sunny California. The charm of the Old World blended with the chicness of Cali. The ceremony took place outside, among the lushing spreading vineyards. 

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Life with you makes perfect sense.


While the ceremony was emotional, the crowd became alive once they hit the dance floor. One of the couple’s requests was super catchy Suavemente by Puerto Rican-American singer Elvis Crespo. No one can resist the merengue song with its sexy lyrics (“kiss me softly”) and its flavor. The song is a standard in Latin music and has crossed over into mainstream American popular culture. The melody is widely used in dance classes, events, parties, and weddings. It’s a part of pop culture. Want to hear something ludicrous? The song was even featured on the Netflix series House of Cards. Can you picture Crespo’s sensual words in the oval office over a national security debate? I definitely missed that one!

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The Wedding of Aaron and Samantha



So tired of searchin’… ‘Til you walked into my life

Aaron and Samantha are now husband and wife, one of those lucky couples who met early on in life, have seen each other grow through the peaks and valleys in life. And now, they decided to officially seal their destinies together  – DJ Mark was present to witness such a remarkable event.

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The truest of words come directly from the heart.


The ceremony was spotless, with the cutest flower girls wearing white dresses and walking towards the aisle. Samantha, looking fabulous, walked arm and arm with her father while Aaron eagerly waited for her at the arch. The notes of the all-time favorite Canon in D (Pachelbel’s Canon) matched perfectly with the scenery and fantastic panoramic views. The couple opted to write their own vows. Aaron made the attendees laugh when he described the moment he and Samantha first met; then, looking directly into each other’s eyes, they both expressed they could not imagine their lives without the other. 

One really cool thing to witness was the sand ceremony. If you are unfamiliar with it, let me explain it briefly. The unity sand ceremony is a wedding tradition where the couple has separate bottles of sand (different colors), and they are poured into a unified recipient. It symbolizes how their prior individual lives become one -indivisible from now on. In one simple act, the meaning of marriage is perfectly represented. 

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Die a happy man

After the inspiring words, the blessings, the cocktails, the dancing, and the laughter, it was time to wrap it up. Aaron and Samantha said goodbye to their guests with a great song by Thomas Rhett –Die a Happy Man. Rhett wrote the song inspired by the unique relationship with Lauren, whom he met in first grade! Do you know what’s even better? It was Lauren who asked for the song! She had always admired Tim McGraw’s “Just to See You Smile” for years and wanted something similar penned by her hubby. Her actual words were: “Write something besides whiskey, beer, or taking a girl home in a big truck.” You gotta love her!

Anyways, it was the perfect song to end such a memorable day, as Rhett said: “I just think this song shows how Lauren and I love each other, and I hope this song is an encouragement to other married couples or people that are dating.

We are more than sure that Rhett’s song fulfilled that purpose at Aaron’s and Samantha’s wedding. The happy look on the new Mr. and Mrs. provides us with all the satisfaction in the world. May your journey together be filled with blessings, love, and luck!

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