Myles And Kyla wedding at The Pannikin Building, downtown.

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After the ceremony, the newlyweds made sure their guests knew this was a p-a-r-t-y by making a triumphal entrance with Soul Flower – Remix” by The Pharcyde -a request we were more than happy to abide with. 

From that moment on, the dance floor was brought to life, leading the beautiful Kyla and happiest man in the world, Myles. We had some interesting musical requests, including Hypnotize by deceased superstar Notorious BIG (gone too soon, right?). Of course, it doesn’t come as a surprise when the song is continually used anywhere people want to cheer up and embrace life. Other terrific additions to the playlist were good ol’ Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, who made dinner time even more pleasurable. It also proved the bride and groom have a soft spot for 70s nostalgia. 

After dancing, drinking, and enjoying like no other, the couple received a wonderful surprise, with a Brazil Carnival Samba Dance Performance. Percussions, dancers, insane rhythm filled the floor, making every single guest feel alive. 

Like we said at the beginning, there’s nothing better than witnessing true love. Two people who love each other so much that they cannot wait to share it with their beloved ones. But like Kyla and Myles, they want to do it their way. So we wish nothing but endless happiness and blessings to the couple.

DJ Mark -Music that gives you a reason to smile.

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The Wedding of Myles & Kyla

Now that we have found love – what are we gonna do

Witnessing a wedding is always emotional, and even if you are an “I-don’t-cry-at-weddings” type of person, you would have changed your mind after attending Kyla and Myles’s wedding.

Usually, brides tend to lean to one side of the spectrum: either they are methodical, with classic taste and a tight schedule, or they are laid-back, spontaneous, with a #yolo attitude. Kyla was a refreshing, captivating blend of the two approaches.

Starting with the couple’s choice for the venue, precisely the style we want to describe. California emanates a relaxed vibe; it immediately translates to chicness, modernity, and edginess. Who would’ve thought you could find fantastic spots, such as The Pannikin Building, downtown. It is a historic building with gorgeous wood floors, super cool vaulted ceilings and open beams, and the touch that makes it even cozier: exposed brick, which is the original thing! As the venue advertises itself, you can make this space whatever you want it to be. And so did Kyla and Myles did!

Before the wedding, Kyla, Myles, and their entourage had a photoshoot. If you’re thinking of rigid poses and frozen smiles, think again. This wonderful couple chose to get candid photos with the bridesmaids. They also stayed away from the formal “First look” pics and opted for genuine photos as Mr. and Mrs. Showing them as they are: a couple. Partners enjoying the moment, planning their wedding, but embracing their marriage -with all the spontaneity that comes along. 

Touches of classic romanticism were spotted throughout the day. For instance, Kyla was not seen by the rest of the guests until she walked down the aisle. A lovely detail that preserved the aura of mystery that accompanies the look at the bride for the first time. Also, the bridesmaids, wearing stunning rainbow-themed gowns, walked in a specific order so that the shades would blend perfectly. 

As guests walked into the reception space, they were instructed to explore, seat or walk as they pleased, not having to worry about dinner. You know why? Dinner came directly to them! And the day kept getting more incredible by the minute. 

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