Jon And Judah tied the knot at Mt. Woodson Castle.

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Jon and Judah tightened the knot at Mt. Woodson Castle. The gorgeous building has such exciting background that we have to share some of its most astounding details:

  •         In 1909, Amy Strong, a dress designer, hired architects to build her dream house, which was completed in 1921.
  •         The style is harmonic and romantic; builders used elements from the surroundings like rocks, wood, and soils to create it.
  •         The castle is multi-level and has 27 rooms!

Being there, and witnessing such different styles, materials, and history engraved in the walls, is a terrific experience.

The castle is surrounded by large, beautiful lawns.

It was 4:30 pm when the first guests arrived, as they were welcomed with a drink in the Upper Lawn.

We are after the same rainbow’s end.

The reception was held at the lower lawn, and dinner was served in a buffet mode. Before dinner, the officiant offered a beautiful prayer. Long before guests enjoyed their delectable meal, I was behind the scenes, along with the rest of the caterers and providers. It made me feel special; everyone was busy as bees working on flowers, plates, building the arch, setting speakers. Neither the guests nor the couple gets to see the number of coordinated efforts for making things happen on time. All the newlyweds, family, and friends get to see is the end result. It is personal satisfaction to see the look on their faces as everything they had envisioned months ago is now before their eyes.

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One of the most remarkable details about the wedding was the video Jon and Judah prepared for their families and friends. It was called “Story of Us” and included baby photos of them, from the cradle to adolescence and then the magic moment where their destinies sealed together. The journey included lots of happy memories, the distance between them, the Covid experience, and much more. Like a true princess, Judah had her happy ending!

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Jon & Judah’s Wedding

Wherever you’re goin’, I’m goin’ your way

What’s the best way for a bride to feel like a princess on her wedding day? To get married in a Castle and marry the love of her life. Judah did both!

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Two drifters off to see the world

Father and bride embraced each other as they walked down the aisle with the all-time favorite: Moonriver. As you may know, the song was the central piece for Audrey’s Hepburn unforgettable 1961 movie: Breakfast in Tiffany’s. When the song was initially released, it was instrumental. The theme with Hepburn signing the lyrics was not released until she died in 1993. The song’s author Henry Mancini said that it only took him 30 minutes to compose the hit, and it had to be made bearing the limitations of Audrey’s voice range. It is hard to think of another melody as fully charged with nostalgia, devotion, and inspiration as Moonriver -looking at Judah with her father made it the perfect rendition.

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Another great moment happened when Jon and his mom danced: “My wish” by Rascal Flatts. A song that works ideally as a send-off, where someone who loves you wishes you the best. The song has been featured in movies, and it is the official song for the Make-a-wish-foundation in which sports celebrities partner with the organization to make children’s dreams come true. And that day, Jon’s dream came true as well.

Music requests were varied and interesting. We had Smash Mouth, Rhett Thomas, V.I.C.and many more. The happy couple said goodbye to their guests with Katy Perry and her song: Fireworks.

Another day in paradise, Jon and Judah; thank you for choosing me to help create your day. 

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