Eddie And Karenia at Sunset Cliffs, Luscomb Point.

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The ceremony was held at Sunset Cliffs, at the Luscomb Point. The area is named for a local surfing personality, Happy Luscomb. And has become a favorite spot for weddings and jaw-dropping sunset viewing.

The majestic topography of the area includes arches, sea caves, and intricate carved coastal hillsides. From the highest cliffs, lucky spectators can catch a view of the gray whales migrating to the Baja; watching Karenina emerge from a hill -with the California palm trees behind her -seemed like a postal card. It was beauty in every sense of the word.

I’ll be coming home, wait for me.

The ceremony started at 4:15 pm, perfect timing for the Sun to begin settling, with gusts of wind surrounding the romantic spot. The bride song was a medley from William McDowell, from his album: “Withholding nothing.” In the author’s words, the compilation was created as a testimony to open wide the door for a new generation to witness the manifestation of God’s presence among his people. It is about yielding everything and giving oneself to the Creator. In fit perfectly with the bride and groom as they stood facing each other, surrendering their past lives, seizing their present together, and asking God to bless their future as a family. 

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If that moment wasn’t emotional enough, the view of Karenia dancing with her father touched the hearts of everyone present. It was adorable to see Karenia’s tears as she embraced her dad while he softly patted her. New beginnings are exciting, but we never forget where we come from. 

Talent was on display that evening when the couple’s niece delighted the audience as she sang “Die with You” by Beyonce. 

Eddie took his beautiful bride in his arms, and they swayed on the floor with Ed Sheraan and his most famous rendition to love “Perfect.” The song’s lyrics are enough to tear up, with the author explaining this time is ready to express his emotions.

Fun fact about the song: the chorus references Ed Sheraan being barefoot on the grass. It was actually an actual moment when the musician was dancing on a friend’s lawn, and the idea for the song came to his mind.

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Eddie and Karenia Wedding


I Found a Love for Me

You know you’re about to experience something remarkable when you are asked to an event like this. When the first crew arrives at the venue at 7:45 am, and preparations are happening in two different locations, we acknowledge this is no ordinary wedding -this was Eddie and Karenina’s phenomenal day.

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If there’s a moment no guest will forget about the ceremony is the moment of the vows, where the bride and groom read their words to their children. It was an emotional part that blended both families together as one. Promises of eternal love were made between Eddie and Karenia, also between parents and children. 

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Oh, I will stay with you when no one else is around.

After such an inspirational ceremony, guests were transported in luxury limos to Building 177 -in Liberty Station Grounds -where the reception took place. Liberty Station has military origins, and it proudly announces itself as a gate to a heroic past, and a hopeful promise for the future. Building 177 was the original NTC Library. Its exposed beams, and grand vaulted ceilings, offers a versatile space for a myriad of events. The venue is perfect for a wedding. 

The Grand Entrance was at 6:40 pm when the official couple marched at the rhythm of Beyonce and her “Love on Top” hit.

The ballroom looked regal -it looked like a fairy tale come true. Tables were adorned with burgundy motifs -the same shade as the bridesmaids, while candles and flowers give it the cozy element. No fairy tale is complete until the prince and princess dance together for the first time.

And in your eyes, you’re holding mine.

Such powerful moments were the prelude to an unforgettable evening. Friends and family toasted to the happy couple, and the dance floor filled with a crowd ready to celebrate such a happy event.

Music petitions were varied, with the late Queen of TexMex, Selena, requested to set the mood with her vibrating music. Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Gloria Stefan, Rihanna, and many more were present at the wedding, giving the guests one more reason to be joyful and dance. One more catchy lyric, one more song, one last kiss before saying farewell to the new Mr. and Mrs. 

We cannot be more grateful to have been part of the evening. The smile of satisfaction imprinted in the happy couple is what keeps motivating our work.

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