Anthony and Ashley

L’Auberge was the couple’s place for their wedding spot -both for the ceremony and the reception. Auberge translates to a historical association between an Inn and a restaurant – The venue has different areas that can be used for weddings and other celebrations. Anthony and Ashley utilized all of them!

  • The ceremony took place in the mesmerizing Pacific Terrace -named like that for the majestic view of the ocean.
  • Cocktails were enjoyed in the Sunset Terrace.
  • The reception was held in the Platinum Ballroom.

L’Auberge takes pride in helping to make that special day perfect for you. They have romantic accommodations, Bridal changing rooms, different areas overlooking the Pacific, and helpful staff. Their experience was evident in Anthony and Ashley’s day as it went spotless.

L-O-V-E is Simple

Who cannot feel anything but empowered and exhilarated as Beyonce signs Crazy in Love? That was the hymn the married ones chose for their triumphal entrance -and judging for Ashley’s eyes, you could tell those lyrics applied to her. 

It was terrific watching Anthony and Ashley dancing. The devotion in Anthony’s eyes in their first dance -while he mumbled the lyrics to her. The happiness and good vibes as they “got down” with Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz on the dance floor (smoking hot if you ask us.) The complicity as they exchanged looks in their final dance. They wouldn’t let go of the other! It was sweet and 


The Wedding of Anthony and Ashley

It’s paradise as long as I’m with you.

The scenery was breathtaking, the weather was fantastic, and love… L-O-V-E was in the air that day. That Friday, Anthony and Ashley chose to officially become husband and wife. How lucky we got to partake in the fun, the views, and an overall feeling of joy.

Roses are red

It was impossible not to notice the rose petals along the aisle and in different spots at the wedding. Aside from giving the area a romantic, ethereal look, rose petals have been a symbolic icon of weddings for ages! They represent passion, virtue, and love. 

Speaking about love, many pairs of eyes got moist as Ashley’s dad walked her down the aisle. It was that quintessential moment when the father delivers the bride. In this case, Ashely’s dad literally gave her hand to Anthony -she went from being loved by her father to being loved by her husband. What a moment! 

After the officiant declared them husband and wife, Anthony gave a hilarious hop which triggered laughter and a round of applause. That kind of happiness cannot be concealed. The newlyweds marched out with Vivaldi -and his Four Seasons -towards the reception. 

Also remarkable is when a couple has a song. You know, “their song.” In the case of Anthony and Ashley, it is Simple by Florida Georgia Line. Hubbard, from the famous musical duo, said the song talked about keeping love simple. That things don’t have to be complicated -especially relationships. Looking at Anthony and Ashley that day, one understood that it simply “fits.”

For the cutting cake tradition, the newlyweds opted for the classical. L-O-V-E with all-time favorite Nat King Cole. The song has been covered many times and featured in Glee, Parent Trap, and Sleepless in Seattle -the ultimate rom-com! Nat King Cole recorded versions of the song in Japanese, Spanish, German, and French! It suited fantastic to the moment, with the candles and the beautiful California evening above them.

Friends and family joined the dance floor for the last dance. They formed a circle surrounding the groom and the bride as their new chapter began. The good wishes, a bit of nostalgia, and delight were palpable as those glasses rose to toast one last time for the newlyweds. We are grateful to have been a part of those wishing you the best of journeys.

DJ Mark – music that makes you smile.

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